Customizing the COBOL Perspective

In this tutorial you will use the COBOL perspective:

To use the COBOL perspective

To change to the COBOL perspective:

  1. Click Window > Perspective > Open Perspective > Other.

    This opens the Open Perspective dialog box.

  2. Click COBOL.
  3. Click Open.

    Your workspace is displayed using the COBOL perspective.

To customize the COBOL perspective

To correctly view the projects that you create you need to customize the COBOL Explorer view:

  1. In the COBOL Explorer, click View Menu View Menu, and then click Filters and Customization.

    This opens the Filters and Customizations dialog box.

  2. In the Filters tab, uncheck Non-COBOL projects.
  3. Click OK.

    This will enable you to see the Java project in the COBOL Explorer, when you create it later.