Run the JSP Client

Walks you through the process of running the generated JSP client to access the AccessBooks Java interface.
Restriction: This topic applies only when the Enterprise Server feature is enabled.
Restriction: This topic applies to Windows environments only.

Now you are ready to run the JSP client in JBoss. When you run the JSP client, it takes a request from the end user and passes it to the EJB you generated. The EJB in turn passes the request to the enterprise server, ESDEMO. The original COBOL program runs on the enterprise server and processes the request, returning the results back to the JSP.

  1. At a command prompt, change to your %JBOSS_HOME%\bin directory, and enter standalone.
  2. When the JBoss startup script has completed, start a Web browser, and enter the following address:


  3. Click Read.
  4. In the read_readop_input_lnk_b_stockno field, type 1111; then click Go!.

    The service returns the record that corresponds to the 1111 stock number.

  5. Experiment with running the Add, Next, and Delete options, providing the input required.

This concludes the tutorial.