Using custom project and file templates

Visual COBOL provides a range of COBOL project templates for the main types of applications for you to start with and build upon.

Your organization might employ a complicated application development life cycle that involves multiple users (for example, development and testing teams) that cooperate with each other in a workgrouping environment and share the same source code.

In these cases your administrator can create templates based on the most commonly-used projects and distribute these projects to every user. Using templates in this way speeds up the development process and minimizes the risk of errors and inconsistencies caused by different people using different settings.

Visual COBOL enables you to use existing pre-configured projects and files as templates in the wizards for creating new projects and files.

To create a template, your administrator would create and configure the projects to be used as a base, add the required source programs, and then share that project across your organization - for example, by storing it in a folder in your version control system. To use the templates, each users has to download that folder from source control onto their machines and configure Visual COBOL to search for templates in that location.

Note: Using custom file templates is not supported for COBOL programs, COBOL JVM classes or interfaces in the COBOL JVM projects.