Cookie-based Authentication


The tool Cookie-based Authentication enables you to use HTTP cookie-based authentication to a Web application. The server sends a cookie which is stored on the client side and is used for further requests to this server.

The tool can be found under the Authentication category of REST function package tools.


Parameter Name I/O Type Description
Login Path [M] I String The URL to the login script of the Web application
Credential Structure [M] I File The File Descriptor of JSON structure containing the user credentials as expected by the Web application
Realm [O] I String Enables mapping between the client application and multiple Web applications. It is only relevant if an AWM application addresses more than one Web application.
Cookie Name * [O] I String Specifies the name of the authentication cookie to be used for the specific Web application if known. The cookie name can be found in the REST API documentation of the server application.
Response Header * [O] O String Reference to a response header field of the signed in request.

Relationship: REST Tool Has Request Header

The relationship REST Tool Has Request Header enables you to specify a name/value pair to be sent in the HTTP request header.

Attribute Type Description
Name String Name of the HTTP header field
Value String Value of the HTTP header field


The example shows a tool to authenticate with the Micro Focus Enterprise Server. The authentication to a Micro Focus Enterprise Server needs three special header fields:

Cookie-based Authentication

The file descriptor describing the credential structure is modelled as follows:

Cookie-based Authentication File Descriptor