REST Function Package

The REST function package provides tools to send service calls to Web applications which support a RESTful API.

The function package supports the standard HTTP authentication and request methods.

The request and response payload of the HTTP services has to be modelled in a file descriptor of structure type JSON.

It is possible to map properties derived from the context or from previous tool executions to a REST tool request payload. Values from the response payload can be mapped to properties or attached to the selected resource(s) by resource operations so that they can be used by subsequent tools or actions.

Note: If you want to use AWM variable references in a query parameter value of an AWM REST tool, you have to replace the AWM Start Reference attribute value under Application Options with a value different to the default value '&'. This is because '&' is already used in the URL as a query parameter separator. For example, use 'ยง' instead.
Relationship Cardinality Description
Has_REST_Connection 0..* This relationship enables you to specify a connection to an application with a RESTful API.

For example, to specify a general status handler to be used for all REST tools for the application.