Mapping Properties - EJB Generation Tab

Restriction: This topic applies to Windows environments (local development) only.
Restriction: This topic applies only when the Enterprise Server feature is enabled.
Note: This topic applies to Java service interfaces only, and is available only when EJB Generation is selected on the General tab.
Application Server
The J2EE version and the application server name to support EJB deployment. This ensures that the appropriate deployment descriptors are generated and included in the relevant archive files (.ear .jar .war).
Interface Type
The type of service interface (Local or Remote), set when it was created.
Bean name
The name of the Java Bean. The default is the service interface name. It is also the root name given to the home and remote interface classes.
Package name
The name of the package of Java classes. It is located in a subdirectory of the same name located under the project directory, which is created when the deployment process generates the EJB.
Session type
The session type for the EJB - Stateful or Stateless.
Whether or not the EJB service executes in a transactional context. When set to Yes, the Session type is Stateful by default.
EJB Version 3 (Java compiler 1.5 or later is required)
EJB name
Archive name
File prefix name for Java archive files created during deployment. The default is the service interface name.
Java compiler
The directory containing the Java compiler. Optionally use the Browse button to locate it.
J2EE Class Path
The path to the J2EE implementation classes.
SEP session type
Whether the associated SEP (Service Execution Process) attribute is Stateful or Stateless. SEP attributes are only meaningful when the Transactional property is set to Yes.