Standalone editing - build directives

When working with a standalone COBOL file, the IDE first searches for an associated program symbols file (.idy) to provide the Compiler directives required to compile the source code.

If no .idy file is found in any of the locations specified in Window > Preferences > Micro Focus > COBOL > Standalone Files > Program Symbols (.IDY), the IDE uses the Compiler directives specified on this preferences page.

By default, the IDE uses the following Compiler directives:

You can specify any Compiler directives here as required. For example, to specify the locations of any copybooks referenced by the standalone COBOL program that are not in the same location as the program, set the COPYPATH Compiler directive - COPYPATH(<location1>;<location2>;...).

If you have changed these directives, to reset them to the default values, click Restore Defaults.