Value types can contain data members and function members, similar to classes. The difference is that value types store the data as values and don't require heap allocation.


valuetype-header constraints-paragraph static-or-instance-field static-or-instance-member


access-modifier type-specifier attribute-clause


valuetype-id StudentRecord.
01 aName string public.
01 gpa float-short public.
method-id new.
procedure division using by value nam as string, 
                                  gpa as float-short.
    set aName to nam
    set self::"gpa" to gpa
end method.
end valuetype.
class-id a.
method-id main static.
local-storage section.
01 stu type StudentRecord value new StudentRecord("Bob", 3.5).
01 stu2 type StudentRecord.
procedure division.
    set stu2 to stu
    set stu2::aName to "Sue"
    display stu::aName   *> Prints Bob
    display stu2::aName  *> Prints Sue
end method.
end class.