Application Analysis Server

The Application Analysis Server provides quick access from the development environment that usually contains only a small subset of the entire application to a centralized repository that holds information about the entire enterprise application estate.

Development efforts on mainframe and COBOL applications, such as bug fixing, modernization or simple maintenance, always involve a certain level of risk. That's why application intelligence helps reduce this risk and support the efficient development of these applications.

The enterprise-grade central repository that the application analysis server links to is actually the Enterprise Analyzer or COBOL Analyzer repository.

The quick access allows the development team to be connected to this central repository and get access to application intelligence.

The interface that is currently accessible is the Enterprise Analyzer or COBOL Analyzer web client. It provides quick searches for repository objects, detailed code searches, diagrams, reports, and data item impact analysis and other features such as viewing and editing of business rules (separate license required).

Note: Enterprise Analyzer or COBOL Analyzer are different products and their repositories and web clients should be set up separately from your IDE. For more information, refer to the Enterprise Analyzer or COBOL Analyzer documentation.