Element Type

An element type describes a class of elements, including their properties and applicable actions.

Every element must belong to an element type at run time. You assign it via the Match Name. In addition, each element type has a match name attribute, under which a unique name for the type must be defined. A tool that creates a new element must return this name under a designated property.

You can configure element types hierarchically so that they can be displayed in a Tree view. This is done using the Get Children Action relationship.

Depending on function packages installed and used in an AWM model, it is possible to create a linked element type. See Linked Element Types for the Eclipse Function Package for more information.

Attribute Type Description
ID * ID * The ID of the element type.
Icon [O] Icon The icon of the element type.
Matchname * String The name by which the element type can be determined.
ID_Definition * ID Definition The ID definition of the element type. This definition describes the properties of the element type that uniquely identify an element within an application. See ID definition for more information.
Relationship Cardinality Description
Get_Children_Action 0..1 Relationship to an action descriptor. The referenced action should return the children elements. If you expand an element in the Tree view, this action displays the next hierarchical level of elements.
Get_All_Properties_Action 0..1 Relationship to an action that returns all the property values of an element. See Get All Properties Action for more information.
Has_Action 0..* Relationship to an action descriptor. Element-Actions can be executed from the context menu of the corresponding element.
Has_Property 1..* Relationship to a property that stands for an attribute of the element.
Has_Filter 0..* Relationship to a filter type. A Filter dialog box can be executed from the context menu of the corresponding element.
Has_Text_Decoration 0..* Relationship which describes decorations in front or behind of the label of the element type.


Element Type SVN_ELE_SVNRepositories

SVN Repository Element Type

SVN Repository Properties
Attribute Value Description
ID SVN_ELE_SVNRepositories Unique identifier of the element type in this model.
ID Definition Reference to the ID Definition SVN_ID_RootFolder The ID definition consists of a set of properties by which this resource of the SVN application can be uniquely identified during run time.
Matchname SVN Repositories The value tools have to return in the Element_Type property to identify a SVN repositories instance.
Icon Reference to the icon ICON_Project The project icon is shown in the context menu in front of the element type label.