This tool provides the SVN log function to show log messages from the repository.


Parameter Name I/O Type Description
Path [M] I String Eclipse path to the working copy entry for which the log info is requested.
PEG Revision [O] I String SVN PEG revision.

The default value is head.

Revision Start [O] I String First revision number to be regarded.

The default value is head.

Revision End [O] I String Last revision number to be regarded or head.

The default value is head.

Stop on Copy [M] I String Whether the log should stop when encountering a copy (Boolean).
Limit [M] I String Count limiting the number of messages.
Include Merged Revisions [M] I String Whether merged revisions should be included (Boolean).
Log Output [M] O File Structured file of format input stream containing the log messages.

The generated output file descriptor has the following table structure. Property separator is <!>.

Property No Target
1 [M] SVN user ID.
2 [M] Log message text.
3 [M] Merged revisions.
4 [M] Relative SVN repository path.
5 [M] Relative SVN project path.