Using the Results on a Jenkins CI Server

If you are using a Jenkins Continuous Integration (CI) server within your development and testing process, you can use the JUnit-style reports to associate the unit test results with particular details, such as a code change, on your server.

Enable Jenkins CI support for your test run by specifying -jenkins-ci as an option on the Visual COBOL command line or shell prompt. To include additional support, such as displaying the results within the Jenkins CI system, specify -jenkins-ci:junit-attachments instead. For more information about both of these options, visit the third-party links below:

Additionally, if you want to introduce some colorization into your test output, you can use the -diagnostics-color:jenkins command line option or the MFUNIT_COLORS=jenkins environment variable to embed the necessary ANSI escape sequences to give basic color to the report. Using this method requires that you have the AnsiColor plugin active on your Jenkins server in order to interpret the escape sequences embedded in the report. See Using Color in Test Reports for more information.