Specifies the absolute path to a source folder containing COBOL JVM source files.
Note: This directive is supported for JVM COBOL in the Eclipse IDE only.


Note: You can use multiple directives to specify a number of different source folder locations.


cobolsourcebase The absolute path to the source folder. This is case sensitive. The path delimiter uses a "/" or "\" depending on the OS.


Default: JVMSOURCEBASE "cobolsourcebase"
IDE equivalent: By default, this is set automatically by the Eclipse IDE. To stop new projects from having a JVMSOURCEBASE by default:
  1. Click Window > Preferences > Micro Focus > Builder .
  2. Uncheck Each part of the package name corresponds to a subdirectory.


This directive is set automatically by the Eclipse IDE when you create a class or package. The directive tells the Compiler to check the following:

  • The package corresponds with the file location prefixed by one of the directive values.
  • The name of the outer type must match the name of the source location.
  • The class files in the source folder can only have one outer type.
Note: Projects created before Visual COBOL 4.0 do not have a JVMSOURCEBASE as a default.