Rename Resource


This tool renames the selected Eclipse resource. It supports mass processing.

Tool Attribute:

Attribute Type Description
With UI [M] Boolean Specifies whether the Eclipse UI dialog box should be used.
Existing Resource Handling [M] Selection Specifies the handling of the scenario that the target resource already exists. Valid values include:
The target resource is replaced without notification.
The target resource stays untouched.
An error message is produced.
From Parameter
The handling is defined by an additional tool parameter.


Parameter Name I/O Type Description
Eclipse Path [M] I String The Eclipse path to the resource.
New Resource Name [M] I String The new name of the Eclipse resource. Only applies if the tool attribute With UI is set to false.

If the "Mass Processing" attribute of Eclipse Path is set to true and the "Mass Processing" attribute of New Resource Name is set to false, all resources are renamed with the same new name.