Adding Maven support to an existing project

Restriction: Only JVM COBOL and JVM COBOL Unit Testing projects can be converted to a Maven-based project.
  1. While in the COBOL perspective, right-click the appropriate project in the COBOL Explorer pane, point to configure, then select Convert to Maven Project. The Create new POM dialog box is displayed.
  2. Complete the unique identifier details for the Maven artifact, and then click Finish.

A Maven nature is added to the project, and the details specified above included in the resulting pom.xml file. Once created, it is your responsibility to keep the POM updated with specific build actions/goals, and dependencies; any changes to the Micro Focus settings within the project are not automatically reflected within the POM.

You can remove the Maven nature from the project by right-clicking the project and selecting Maven > Disable Maven Nature. Note that the POM file is not removed from the project, and if you convert the project (to be Maven-based) again, you are not prompted to complete the artifact details, as they are taken from the POM file.