Creating Sample Data

The issue tracking system will use some sample data. To create the sample data for your application to use:

  1. Create the folder C:\temp to store the sample data that will be used by the COBOL programs.
  2. In the C:\temp folder, create a .txt file called issue_input.txt.
  3. Copy and paste the following text into the file:
    97544545Smith               2017/03/122Require new computer mouse    1
    45646112Jones               2016/12/191Update version of Visual COBOL3
    87576573Williams            2017/04/033Printer is defective          2
    76556546Hill                2017/05/050Coffee machine isn't working  3
    19452942Taylor              2017/07/072Need a new ED licence         0

    This sample data contains ticket number, raiser, creation date, priority, description, and status information.