To start, stop, or restart an enterprise server from the IDE

  1. In Server Explorer, right-click your enterprise server.
  2. Choose the appropriate option from the context menu.
    A security dialog box might appear. If the server you are starting has no security set, click OK to continue. Otherwise, select Server is secured and enter the credentials.
    Note: If the server is local and unsecured, then the system will use the casstart command to start the enterprise server, thereby using the current user's credentials. Otherwise, the system will use Directory Services (MFDS) to start the server, and use the "SYSTEM" user ID.
    You can choose to store these connection settings to skip this step in the future when starting, stopping, or restarting the server, or submitting a JCL job.

    To clear saved connection settings, right-click your enterprise server in Server Explorer and click Clear credentials.

    You can see the progress of the command in the console if you have enabled Show Local Console for your enterprise server in Enterprise Server Administration.