Restriction: This topic applies only when a Database Connectors license has been installed via the Micro Focus License Management System.

Use the CREATEXFD directive to tell the compiler to generate XFDs for the COBOL files contained in your program.

This directive has the following format:


$SET CREATEXFD ( version=n, xfd-directory=pathname, file-type=all )

All of the arguments are optional, and can be given in any order.

version=n Causes XFD files of type n to be used. Currently, "6" is the only valid value here. Any other value causes XFD files of the latest version to be created
xfd-directory=pathname Causes the XFD files to be created in the directory named by pathname. Pathname must be a valid directory, either absolute or relative, and must be writable to the user
file-type=all Causes XFD files for all file types to be created. Without this argument, the Compiler creates XFD files for only indexed files. If anything other than "all" is specified, the Compiler creates XFD files only for indexed files