Restriction: This topic applies only when a Database Connectors license has been installed via the Micro Focus License Management System.

XFD_MAP tells the run time system to associate certain filenames with a particular XFD. This enables you to use one XFD for many different files. You can use XFD_MAP to add or replace the existing value, depending on the setting of the XFD_MAPS_RESETS configuration variable.

The XFD_MAP variable has this syntax:

XFD_MAP   [pattern = base-xfd-name]  ...

where pattern consists of any valid filename characters and may include "*" or "?". These two characters have special meanings in the pattern:

*     matches any number of characters
? matches a single occurrence of any character

For example:

CUST????      matches CUST0001 and CUSTOMER;

does not match CUST001 or CUST00001

CUST* matches all of the above
CUST*1 matches CUST001 and CUST0001 and CUST00001;

does not match CUSTOMER


does not match CUST001 or CUST0001

Note that XFD_MAP cannot be read from the ACCEPT FROM ENVIRONMENT statement.