To Create an .ear File for your EJB

Restriction: This topic applies only when the Enterprise Server feature is enabled.

If you have generated a client and EJB together, they are automatically packaged into an enterprise archive file (.ear) and you do not need to do this. Otherwise:

  1. Package the EJB's .jar file into an .ear for your application. To do this use a jar command similar to the following:

    jar -cvf myApplication .ear myService.jar

    If you have a client .war file you can add that to the .ear file in the same way.

  2. Create a deployment descriptor application.xml either using your application server's tools or by copying and editing a sample, as follows:
    1. Locate a sample .ear, which is in examples directory in mapdemo/mapdemo/repos/myService.deploy/JMapServ-WL.ear
    2. Extract the descriptor application.xml from the .ear file, using the following jar command:
      jar -xvf JMapServ-WL.ear META-INF/application.xml
    3. Make a copy of the application.xml descriptor and edit it, replacing JMapServ with the name of your .jar file. You can also add the name of your .war file if you added that to the .ear file.
    4. Put the descriptor in the meta-inf subdirectory of the directory containing your .ear file.
    5. Package the descriptor into your .ear file using a jar command similar to:
      jar -uvf myService.ear META-INF/application.xml