To Add Micro Focus Support for EJBs

Restriction: This topic applies only when the Enterprise Server feature is enabled.
  1. Locate the file mfejblib.jar, which contains the Micro Focus support for EJBs, and is stored by default in the %ProgramFiles(x86)%\Micro Focus\Visual COBOL\javaee\javaee7\appsrv (Windows) or $COBDIR/javaee/javaee7/appsrv (UNIX) directory, where appsrv represents a directory named for your Java application server and, in some cases, the version as well. For a list of supported application servers, see the Java Application Servers section of the Supported Operating Systems and Third-party Software topic.
  2. Copy mfejblib.jar to the root directory of your enterprise archive file (.ear). By default, the mfejblib.jar belongs in the root because the classpath is set to this in the EJB's file.

    If you copy mfejblib.jar to a different directory, you need to change the classpath in the file in the EJB's .jar file, which is in \myservice\myservice.deploy (Windows) or myservice/Repos/myservice.deploy (UNIX).

  3. Add the mfejblib.jar file to the archive file that you want to deploy.

    For most application servers, you can do this using their administrative tools. Alternatively, you can use a jar command similar to the following:

    jar -uvf myApplication .ear mfejblib.jar

    Exception: WebSphere Liberty application servers use different class loading policies; therefore, do not include its mfejblib.jar file in the .ear or the .war archive file.