Makes the Compiler list the contents of files named in COPY statements.


   +-/-+ +-NO-+           +-"integer"-+


integer Must be 0 or between 50 and 99.


Phase: Syntax check
$SET: Any


integer is the number of a COBOL segment. It must be 0 or in the range 50 through 99. If it is not specified, the contents of all copybooks are listed. If it is specified, the contents of all copybooks in the first three divisions (that is, the Identification, Environment and Data Divisions), the root, and the given segment are listed. An integer of 0 refers to the first three divisions and all root segments.

COPYLIST "ALL" causes all copybook contents to be listed, including those that have the SUPPRESS clause on the COPY statement in the source.

NOCOPYLIST prevents the listing of the contents of any copybooks. If a segment-number is specified with NOCOPYLIST, only copybooks in that segment are listed. For example:

COPYLIST"53" List all copybooks in the first three divisions, the root segment, and segment 53.
NOCOPYLIST"53" List only copybooks that are in segment 53.

Whatever the state of this directive, the name of any copybook open when a page heading is output is given in that heading.