Specifies the name of the generated code file.

Restriction: The GNT directive is supported in Windows environments and native COBOL only.


   +-/-+ +       +-"pathname/filename"---+ +
         +       +-"pathname\"-----------+ +
         +       +-"pathname/"-----------+ +
         +       +-"filename"------------+ +
         +       +-()--------------------+ +


pathname Specifies the path.
filename A full file specification.


Default: GNT"source-name.gnt" (with OMF"GNT")
Phase: Generate
$SET: Any


You should use this directive in preference to the OMF directive.

This directive creates a file in the format specified, with the name specified. For example, if you specify GNT"myprog.gnt", then a file myprog.gnt is produced that contains generated code.

With NOGNT, no generated code file is produced.

If filename is not specified, the Compiler uses, where source-name is the basename of the source filename. If you specify pathname but not filename, the Compiler uses the pathname and attaches the filename source-name.gnt.