Registers an error message to hide so that if the error is encountered, it is ignored.
Note: This directive has been replaced by the directive CHANGE-MESSAGE. It remains for compatibility only, and will be removed in a future release.


   +-/-+ |                               |


error Prefix and number of the message to hide.

You can use the following prefixes to affect their corresponding error types: CH, DB, EC, ES, SQ. If the prefix is not specified, CH is assumed.


Phase: Syntax check
$SET: Any


The Compiler also accepts the directive-name without a hyphen; that is, HIDEMESSAGE.

HIDE-MESSAGE"error" adds error to a list of error message numbers. To hide several error message numbers using this feature, you must use the HIDE-MESSAGE directive repeatedly.

When the program is being syntax checked, any message with severity E, W, I, or flagged with this directive is not shown in any listing. It is not included in the error summary at the end of the compilation.

Messages with severity S can be hidden only if they were made severity S by the CHANGE-MESSAGE or FLAGAS directives.

NOHIDE-MESSAGE clears the list of errors currently hidden.

NOHIDE-MESSAGE"error" removes only the specified error message from the list of hidden messages.