Enables you to change language options when compiling OO COBOL classes and interfaces.


                  V        | 


Turns on an option.
Turns off an option.
Determines how syntax in OO programs is to be treated:
A Specifies whether to allow ActiveX controls in your COBOL application to use classes and methods in the OLE class library; set -A to allow.
F Specifies whether or not to fold method names invoked by the program being compiled to lower case. Use -F if your program calls Java methods, since Java method names are case-sensitive. See your Java and COBOL book for information on using Java and COBOL together.
G Specifies whether to make class data global for instances. The use of this option is not recommended. It is provided for compatibility with earlier releases.
L Specifies whether to include directory location comments in .cls and .ins inheritance files.
P Specifies whether to make parameter type information available to the run-time system. This is needed for messages sent to COM. The number of parameters in any method called or declared is limited to 31, plus an optional return value.
Q Specifies whether to disable the use of:
  • IN and OF any place that could possibly follow a data name in the verb-signature of a method interface definition.
  • Any verb in the verb-signature of a method interface definition.
W Specifies whether working storage means object storage in instances and factory (class) objects.


Default: OOCTRL(+A+F-G+L-P+Q+W)
Phase: Syntax check
$SET: Any


When working storage is used to mean object storage, an Object-Storage Section must not be specified.

The +W setting provides compatibility with the ISO 2002 COBOL standard.