Replaces a reserved word by a new one.


                  V                          | 
>>-.---.-OVERRIDE-.-"rsv-word" = "user-word"-.--><


Existing reserved word.
Any COBOL word not the same as an existing reserved word.


Default: No change of reserved words takes place.
Phase: Syntax check
$SET: Initial


This directive equates an existing reserved word to the specified user-defined word, so that, in the program, user-word is treated as a reserved word, and rsv-word can be used as a user-defined word.

The equals signs must be surrounded by spaces. If the parameters are repeated they must be separated by spaces. You can also leave a space between the directive and its option to improve readability (applies to UNIX environments only). If you are specifying this directive to the -C option of the Cob command line, you need to ensure that all characters are escaped correctly for the UNIX shell.

This directive does not appear in the list created with the SETTING directive.