OPT (Non-Intel x86 platforms)

Specifies the level of optimization of the code produced in the object code file. Use this version of the OPT directive on operating systems that use chips other than the Intel x86 chip, for example, AIX, Solaris Sparc, HP-UX, IA64 (this list is not exhaustive).




The level of optimization; one of:
1 Minimal optimization.
2 Default optimization.
3 Additional optimization - particularly of STRING, UNSTRING and INSPECT. This option increases the time taken to generate a program in comparison to the default optimization.


Default: OPT"2"
Phase: Generate
$SET: Any


Set to OPT"1" at end by ANIM.


OPT"3" provides global optimisation; this means that the entire program is examined as a whole during optimisation, rather than successive small portions of it.

Compiling with OPT"3" can take considerably longer than with OPT"2".

If you request optimization of a large program, compilation might fail because there is insufficient memory. If this happens, repeat the compilation with OPT"2" specified.

OPT is the equivalent of OPT"3".