Makes the Compiler alter program-names and entry-point names to make them compatible with OS/VS COBOL, DOS/VS COBOL, VS COBOL II and COBOL/370.
Note: This directive is supported for native COBOL only.


    +-/-+ +-NO-+




Phase: Syntax check
$SET: Initial


Specifying MAPNAME affects program-names and entry-point names defined in the compilation and those referenced by the program as follows:

  • ENTRY statements only in the outermost program
  • CALL literal, but not CALL identifier, statements
  • PROGRAM-ID entries in the outermost program, but not in nested programs

When a name is found to be incompatible a warning message is given and a modified name is used in the object program. The rules enforced and the modifications made are:

  • The first eight characters must be unique among program-names. The name is truncated to the first eight characters.
  • The first character must be alphabetic. If it is numeric it is changed as follows:
    0       becomes    J 
    1 - 9   become     A - I
  • Hyphen (-) is not allowed. If one appears it is changed to zero (0).