Ensures that the compiled IL code is verifiable.
Restriction: This directive is supported for .NET COBOL only.




Indicates that the resultant assembly is to be checked as verifiable, by running the Microsoft tool PEVERIFY.


IDE equivalent: Click Project > Properties > COBOL > Generate Verifiable Code


When NOILVERIFY is specified, the IL code produced by the Compiler is not guaranteed to be verifiable. Non-verifiable code is produced for certain COBOL statements where significant performance benefits can be gained by doing so. In particular, this covers some statements involving non-01 level COMP-5 data items, alphanumeric moves, and the setting and use of COBOL POINTERs.

When ILVERIFY is specified, the IL code produced by the Compiler is verifiable. If the “check” option is also specified, the Microsoft tool PEVERIFY.EXE is automatically run on the resultant assembly to confirm the code is verifiable.

If PEVERIFY.EXE is not installed, a COBCH1585 Could not find peverify.exe, required for ILVERIFY(CHECK) error is produced. You can download and install this tool as part of the .NET Framework Tools package.

Verifiable code is a requirement for certain kinds of .NET applications, such as SQL stored procedures.