Specifies that CALL literal statements are resolved at run time rather than being resolved at compile time.
Restriction: This directive is supported for JVM COBOL only.


   |    |        




IDE equivalent: None. You can specify ILDYNCALL as an additional Compiler directive under Project > Properties > COBOL


When ILDYNCALL is specified, all calls in the assembly are resolved at run time. This enables you to use an alias for an entry point in a call, using the entry point mapper. However, if you are calling a literal or entry point that is prefixed 'CBL_', that call is statically linked to the run-time system regardless of whether ILDYNCALL is set or not.

When NOILDYNCALL is specified, you also need to set the WARNING Compiler directive in order to enable warning messages. For example, with both of these specified, you will receive a warning if the target method is not found.

This option is also in effect when you select the Use dynamic calls option for a managed JVM COBOL project, which provides a way to build JVM COBOL projects incrementally; see Compiling JVM COBOL for more information on incremental compilation.

If you do not need to map any entry points to aliases or use this directive for incremental builds, we recommend that you turn it off, as it can adversely affect performance.