WINEVENT Emitter Properties

Set the WINEVENT emitter properties to output trace information to the Windows log file.

The WINEVENT emitter is provided to allow trace records to be output to the Windows event log. By default, to prevent the event log from being filled with unnecessary information, this emitter only outputs trace records with a trace level of error or above.

To enable the WINEVENT emitter, specify the following statement in the Consolidated Tracing Facility configuration file:

mftrace.dest = WINEVENT

The following list shows the properties you can set to control the behavior of the WINEVENT emitter:

Property Description Default
DELIMCHAR The character used in the output file to delimit trace data parts for a trace event. SPACE
FORMAT The format to be used for each trace data record written to the file. You can use the following pseudo-variables in the format specification:
The name of the component outputting the trace event.
The trace data specified by the component to be output for the trace event. Each trace part will be delimited by the character specified by the DELIMCHAR property.
The current date, output as yyyy/mm/dd
The event identifier as specified by the component outputting the trace event.
The tracing level:
  • 0: debug
  • 1: info
  • 2: warning
  • 3: error
  • 4: fatal
The current operating system thread identifier.
The current time, output as hh:mm:ss
HEXBLOCKSIZE The number of hexadecimal bytes to be output in each block when outputting binary trace data. Each block of hexadecimal characters will be separated by a '-' character. For example, if HEXBLOCKSIZE is set to 4, and some binary trace data with the value 3132333435363738393A3B3C3D3E3F is specified for output, it would be formatted as follows:
LEVEL The trace level below which this emitter will not output trace records:
  • 0 = debug
  • 1 = info
  • 2 = warning
  • 3 = error
  • 4 = fatal
  • >4 = no trace records are output
QUOTESTRING Whether or not string trace data is to be output enclosed in double-quote characters. . TRUE