Enables the preprocessor to generate a BND file and package for the main program and each of the nested programs contained in a given source file.

When specified, overrides the default SINGLE_PACKAGE behavior. For each program defined in the source file, the DB2 ECM creates a distinct BND file, each with its own BIND timestamp token(s), and a corresponding package.

The names of generated BND and package files are based on the program ID of each nested program, and the BND file and package names for the main program are based on the base name of the source file. However, when the PACKAGE (or ACCESS) directive is used with a parameter, the BND file and PACKAGE name for each nested program is a combination of the PACKAGE parameter value and the program ID; the main program's BND file is the base name of the source file, and its PACKAGE name is the PACKAGE parameter value.

Tip: For detailed information on how the DB2 ECM handles nested programs, see Support for Nested COBOL Programs.






MULTI_PACKAGE is mutually exclusive to both the SINGLE_PACKAGE and IGNORE-NESTED directives.

When specified, overrides the default SINGLE_PACKAGE setting.