CSQL-F-026: Premature end of expanded source. Check for precompiler abort when run standalone. This error is unrecoverable. Hit any key to abort Source Lines could not be matched by COBSQL. COBSQL was processing: area-of-code Source lines around line in error are lines-of source-code

  1. The precompiler could not complete the creation of the expanded source code.
  2. COBSQL found a mismatch between a line in the original source code and the expanded source code.

Of these two options, number two is the more likely.

The item area-of-code corresponds to the position within the original source code that COBSQL was processing. These areas include Working-Storage, Procedure Division and SQL statements.

The item lines-of source-code identifies the original source code lines that COBSQL was processing. These are displayed as they can indicate where the problem lies in the original source code.