The DISPLAY Statement (RM/COBOL)

The following formats of the DISPLAY statement are supported under DIALECT"RM".

General Format for Format 1

General Rules for Format 1

  1. With either DIALECT"RM" or DIALECT"ACU" in effect, the Format 1 DISPLAY statement is processed using the ADIS screen I/O package unless the UPON phrase is specified. If neither dialect directive is set or the UPON phrase is used, the statement is handled by the standard Micro Focus DISPLAY method.

General Format for Format 3


Syntax Rules for Format 3

  1. Identifier-3, identifier-4 and identifier-5, if specified, must be integer identifiers. Literal-2, literal-3 and literal-5, if specified, must be integer literals.
  2. Literal-5 must be a single character.

General Rules for Format 3

  1. This format is treated as equivalent to Format 3 of the DISPLAY statement as described in the section The DISPLAY Statement.