The JUSTIFIED Clause in the Screen Section

The JUSTIFIED clause specifies non-standard positioning of data within a screen item when data is either moved to it or entered into it.

General Format


Syntax Rules

  1. JUST is an abbreviation for JUSTIFIED.
  2. The JUSTIFIED clause is allowed only with input, output and update fields.

General Rules

  1. If the screen item is an output or update field, when data is moved to it from the sending item, the JUSTIFIED clause is applied according to the normal rules for MOVE.
  2. If the screen item is an input or update field, when the accepting of data into it has terminated, the JUSTIFIED clause causes the data entered to be moved right by the number of character positions occupied by prompt characters, and the left of the field to be padded with spaces. This is done before the data is moved to the receiving item. This does not occur if data is not entered.
  3. If the screen item has a SECURE clause, the effect on the data is the same as it would be without the SECURE clause, but this effect does not appear on the screen.