The REVERSE Function

The REVERSE function returns a character string whose length and characters are exactly the same as argument-1, except that the characters are in reverse order.

The type of this function depends on the argument type as follows:

Argument Type Function Type
Alphabetic Alphanumeric
Alphanumeric Alphanumeric
National National

General Format



  1. Argument-1 must be class alphabetic, alphanumeric

    ISO2002ENTMF or national

    and must be at least one character in length.

  2. UTF-16 characters that are surrogate pairs are treated as one character.

Returned Values

  1. If argument-1 is a character string of length n, the returned value is a character string of length n such that for 1 <j < n, the character in position j of the returned value is the character from position n-j+1 of argument-1.