This is a prefetch directive that enables you to retrieve more than one read only record at a time from the DBMS with one client request.


PF_RO_CURSOR={numberofrows | buffersizeK | buffersizeB}


Default for SQL Server connections: 8


numberofrows The number of rows to retrieve
buffersizeK The size of the buffer you want to fill in kilobytes
buffersizeB The size of the buffer you want to fill in bytes


Used at compile time: No
Behavior at run time: Source file

See Scope - OpenESQL SQL Compiler Directive Options for more information.


  • PF_RO_CURSOR must be set after TARGETDB and BEHAVIOR
  • Does not work with FORWARD or IC_FH selection in RO_CURSOR
  • SQL Server read-only server cursors now use PF_RO_CURSOR consistently across all run-times