COBOL Program Migration Support

You can use OpenESQL as an effective migration tool, particularly when you migrate from the mainframe. OpenESQL provides the BEHAVIOR directive to define the COBOL environment and make migration transparent, yet efficient. You can set BEHAVIOR to any of the following:

OPTIMIZED Enables OpenESQL to work as it does on the mainframe, and enhances the access speed (default)
ANSI Enables OpenESQL to work like the ANSI standard, and enhances the access speed
UNOPTIMIZED Provides backward compatibility with earlier Micro Focus products
MAINFRAME Synonym for OPTIMIZED, provided for backward compatibility only
primitivedirective Optional directives that enable the fine-tuning of BEHAVIOR

With either the OPTIMIZED or ANSI values, OpenESQL determines:

You can change the default behavior of OPTIMIZED to ANSI or UNOPTIMIZED using the OpenESQL Configuration Utility. However, when the BEHAVIOR directive is explicitly set in program code, project settings, or in a compiler directive file, the specified setting overrides the default setting.

You can override a default setting for BEHAVIOR on the program level without changing EXEC SQL statements by setting it explicitly at the start of your program code or on the command line when you compile.

For more information, see the BEHAVIOR topic and the demo application behavior listed in the topic Demonstration Applications.