Accessing Java Variables

Restriction: This applies to native code only.

You can access the public members and static variables of a Java class by invoking "setname" and "getname" methods on the native OO COBOL proxy. Variable names are case-sensitive in Java, so the case of name in your COBOL code must match the case declared in the Java code.

For example, the Java class below has public variables classVal and instVal:

public class x {
    static int classVal;
    int instVal;

This sample of COBOL code sets the static variable classVal, and then retrieves the member instVal.

$set ooctrl(-f+p)
     class x as "$Java$x"

 working-storage section.
 copy "javatypes.cpy".
 01 anX                  object reference.
 01 anInt                jint.
 procedure division.
     invoke x "setclassVal" using by value 4
     invoke x "new" returning anX
     invoke anX "getinstVal" returning anInt