Data File Converter

You can use the Data File Converter to convert data files between file organizations and formats as follows:

Restructure data
Converting files from one format to another enables you to restructure data. For example, you can convert a data file from sequential organization to indexed or you can add extra secondary indices.
Convert between EBCDIC and ANSI
The Data File Converter provides an easy method for data conversion between EBCDIC and ANSI, thereby removing the need to recreate data already produced or to write special conversion programs. You can also convert internal floating-point formats between S/370 format and IEEE format.
Change record lengths
For non-variable length records, you can specify a new record length. For variable length records, you can change the minimum length and maximum length.
Convert mainframe files downloaded to your PC
You can convert from:
  • Files that have been downloaded to a PC from a mainframe
  • Variable length VRECGEN format to PC data file format
  • PC data file format to VRECGEN2 format for transfer to the mainframe
  • Mainframe fixed length report format to PC print format
  • PC print format to mainframe fixed length report format
  • Convert a blocked variable length file to a sequential file