Data and Key Compression - Fileshare Server

To enable data or key compression for a data file, use the /k option in the database reference file. In conjunction with the /k option, use the d option to specify data compression and the i option to specify key compression.

Values that you specify after the d and i options are the same values that you would specify using the Compiler directives DATACOMPRESS and KEYCOMPRESS.

Data and key compression specifications in the database reference file are effective only if the Fileshare Server creates the data files. They do not affect existing data files. For existing files, the data and key compression information is retrieved from the data file header. Any settings in your program or the database reference file are ignored.


fs /d dbase.ref /f file1.dat /k d001
fs /d dbase.ref /f file2.dat /k d001i7

This example tells the Fileshare Server to create the file file1.dat with data compression and the file file2.dat with both data and key compression.