Recovery Logging

Logging the actions performed within Fileshare helps you to recover data in the event of a system failure.

A system failure can result in loss of data in either of the following circumstances:

Recovery logging is the method used by Fileshare to store all the updates made to your data files in one or more log files. If your system fails, resulting in loss of data, the log file(s) are used by a recovery utility to re-apply the updates to the data files. When the recovery is complete, the files contain the data they contained at the time of the system failure (with any outstanding transactions rolled back).

There are two versions of recover logging that you can use. A basic version of logging, which is enabled as default, provides a Rollforward Recovery Utility. An advanced version of logging, which you must enable, provides Rollforward and Rollback Recovery. The advanced logging version also has other benefits that the basic version does not, such as compatibility with a user exit procedure and with hot backups.

You can only use one version of logging at any one time.

You do not need to make any changes to the Fileshare Client in order to use recovery logging.