ACUFH Configuration File Variables for Oracle

Restriction: This topic applies only when a Database Connectors license has been installed via the Micro Focus License Management System.

Before running Database Connectors, you must set the A_CONFIG environment variable to the name of the ACUFH configuration file. You may want to make and use a personalized copy of the ACUFH configuration file to avoid impacting other users. You could use the A_CONFIG environment variable to identify a personal ACUFH configuration file. For example:


SET A_CONFIG=directory-name\my-file-name


export A_CONFIG

ensures the specified configuration file is used when interfacing with your database.

This section lists the ACUFH configuration file variables that are specific to Oracle. For ACUFH configuration file variables that are generally applicable to any RDBMS with which Database Connectors communicates, see ACUFH Configuration Variables in the Run Time Configuration section.

Variable Description
A_ORA_DATABASE Specifies the name of a network service that you have set up to refer to a database
A_ORA_HINTS Enables the Oracle Hints feature
A_ORA_KEEP_START_CURSOR Key value is saved for subsequent READ NEXT/PREVIOUS operations
A_ORA_LIMIT_DROPDOWN Improve performance when the interface generates a sequence of DROP DOWN queries
A_ORA_MAX_FILE_CURSORS Allows you to set the maximum number of cursors that the run time system is allowed to have per file
A_ORA_NLS_SORT Forces the sort order of returned records to be in a binary order
A_ORA_WAIT_LOCK Determines the type of Oracle locks used: wait or nowait
A_ORACLE_ERROR_FILE Allows you to map errors using a text file to supplement the default method of providing errors
COMMIT_COUNT Indicates the conditions under which you want to issue an automatic COMMIT_WORK operation
ORA_LOGIN Indicates the user name under which you want to connect to the database system
ORA_PASSWD Set to the password assigned to the database account associated with the user name specified by ORA_LOGIN
USER_PATH Indicates the user name or names to be used when the Connector searches for files