Convert a File

To make an indexed sequential copy of the supplied sequential file:

  1. In Classic Data File Tools, click Tools > Convert.
  2. To supply the input file details, click the Browse button and use the Open dialog box to select the file datavseq.dat from the ClassicDataToolsDemo project directory.

    The details for the input file and the output file are initialized with the information read from the file header for datavseq.dat.

  3. In the lower part of the dialog box, enter the following details for the output file (leave the remaining fields unchanged):
    Filename: staff.dat
    Format: Micro Focus
    Organization: Indexed Sequential
  4. Click Define Keys; then click Insert Key.

    The field to be used as the key is at the beginning of the record, and is seven bytes long.

  5. Set Key Offset to 0 and Key Length to 7; then click OK.
  6. Click Convert.
  7. Click OK on the message saying the data file conversion is complete.

    The Data File Convert dialog box reappears so you can convert more files.

  8. Click Cancel.
  9. Check the ClassicDataToolsDemo project directory. The Data File Converter has created the new files staff.dat, which contains the record data, and staff.idx, which contains the record key information.