Edit Multiple Data Files

In Classic Data File Tools, you can use Data File Editor to display and edit several files at once, choosing various ways to position their windows within the main Data File Tools window.

To edit two data files, positioning their windows one above the other:

  1. Click File > Open, then navigate to and select datavseq.dat.

    A new Data File Editor window opens for datavseq.dat. Only the unformatted pane appears, as no record layout is associated with this file. The staff.dat file should already be open from the previous steps; if it isn't, repeat this step, selecting staff.dat as well.

  2. Click Window > Tile Horizontally.

    You can now see the Data File Editor windows for both datavseq.dat and staff.dat.

  3. Toggle between the windows by clicking alternatively on the tags for datavseq.dat and staff.dat near the bottom of the main window.
  4. Close both Data File Editor windows.