Convert a File's Character Set

To make an EBCDIC copy of the supplied sequential file:

  1. Click Tools > Convert.
  2. To supply the input file details, click the Browse button and use the Open dialog box to select the file datavseq.dat.

    The details for the input file and the output file are initialized with the information read from the file header for datavseq.dat.

  3. Check Convert character set.

    The character set for the output file, shown in the lower half of the dialog box, changes from ANSI to EBCDIC.

  4. Check Records contain non-text data items.

    The converter needs to know where the non-text data items (items such as COMP fields) are, so as not to convert them. Therefore, you need to specify a record layout file. You have already created one describing datavseq.dat.

  5. Click Select layout for conversion, and use the Browse button on the Select layout for conversion dialog box to select staff.str; then click OK.
  6. In the lower half of the dialog box, type ebcvseq.dat as the name of the new file; then click Convert.
  7. Click OK on the message saying the conversion is complete; then click Cancel.

    The new file, ebcvseq.dat, is created.