Use OpenESQL with the ADO option to compile your managed applications. This option:
  • Is invoked using the SQL(DBMAN=ADO) compiler directive
  • Uses ADO.NET data providers
  • Connects to one ADO.NET data source
  • Compiles applications to communicate with the OpenESQL .NET Managed Runtime
  • Enables EXEC SQL statements to communicate with the ADO.NET data provider and data source name specified
  • Supports the use of EXEC ADO statements to create and manipulate ADO.NET objects
  • Maximizes scalability of data handling components in distributed systems
  • Is strongly biased in favour of optimistic (non-locking) concurrency control
  • Fully supports disconnected and offline DataSets
  • Supports dynamic SQL using PREPARE, EXECUTE and EXECUTE IMMEDIATE statements and cursors that use prepared statements, but only with host variable lists in the EXECUTE and OPEN statements