This directive causes an application to register itself as an ODBC Version 2, 3.x or 3.8 application.


ODBCVER={20 | 30 | 38}


Default: ODBCVER=20


Used at compile time: No
Behavior at run time: Process

See Scope - OpenESQL SQL Compiler Directive Options for more information.


If ODBCVER is not specified, the application registers itself as an ODBC version 2 application.

There can be a small performance benefit in registering as an ODBC version 3 or 3.8 application. However, registering as an ODBC version 3 or 3.8 application can result in error and warning conditions returning different values for SQLCODE and SQLSTATE.

We recommend that you use this directive with care.

ODBCV3 is an alias for ODBCVER=38.