To prepare for debugging on Enterprise Server

Restriction: This topic applies only when the Enterprise Server feature is enabled.
  1. Open the Enterprise Server Administration Web page. To do this:
    1. In Server Explorer, right-click Micro Focus Servers.
    2. Select Administration from the context menu.
  2. If required, enable dynamic debugging for the enterprise server that you want to use for debugging. To do this:
    1. In the table of servers on the Home page of Enterprise Server Administration, find the row for the server that you want to configure, and click Edit in the left hand column.
    2. In the Server > Properties > General section, select Allow Dynamic Debugging.
    3. Click OK to confirm your changes.
    Important: You must restart the server for the changes to take effect.

    Alternatively, you can check the Automatically enable dynamic debugging setting in Tools > Options > Micro Focus Tools > Enterprise Server to ensure the option is always set when you debug. This ensures that, if dynamic debugging is not enabled in the enterprise server when you start debugging, the IDE enables it automatically when you enter debug mode.

  3. Make sure that the symbol files (.idy) for the application are available. In Visual Studio, configure the locations that are searched for symbol files as follows:
    1. Click Tools > Options > Debugging > Symbols.
    2. Add a new folder by clicking the New Folder button.
    3. In the Symbol file locations list, enter the absolute path to the .idy files.
    If the symbol files for the application cannot be found, the application runs without debugging and no error message is shown. There is however a message shown in the output window.
  4. Associate the project with the enterprise server:
    1. Ensure that your project is open.
    2. Make the association using one of the following methods:
      • In Server Explorer, right-click the enterprise server with which to associate the project, then click Associate with project > your project.
      • In Solution Explorer, ensure that the project is selected, then in the Properties window, click down arrow beside Server Name and select the required enterprise server.