• This version of the product is a full install.
  • See Before Installing first for important information. Also, see Installing as an Upgrade, if you have an earlier version of Visual COBOL installed on your machine.

To install this product:

  1. Run the vcvs2019_70.exe file (or vcvs2019_70.exe) and follow the wizard instructions to install the prerequisite software and the product.
  • If you are installing onto a machine that has an existing Micro Focus product that uses an older Sentinel RMS License Manager, you might be prompted to remove it and install the Micro Focus License Administration. By doing this you maintain the existing Sentinel RMS license files while adding the Micro Focus License Administration. If you are unsure about existing licenses on your computer or removing the Sentinel RMS License Manager, consult your System Administrator. If you want to proceed, remove Sentinel RMS License Manager by using Program and Features, and rerun the installation file.
  • Depending on how you plan to use the product, there could be dependencies on the Microsoft Windows SDK and Microsoft Build Tools packages. The installer will install the latest versions of the Microsoft Windows 10 SDK, and the Microsoft Build Tools for Visual Studio 2017, to their default locations. Refer to Microsoft Package Dependencies to see if you will require these packages, and if not, you can configure the installer to skip download and installation (see Advanced Installation Tasks for more information).
  • Trial licenses cannot be used with remote desktop services. If you want to use your product in this way, please contact Micro Focus Customer Care to obtain a relevant license.
  • We recommend that you install any updates for Visual Studio and the .NET Framework that are available at the Microsoft Download site.
  • If you install JDK you might be prompted to install the latest update. The latest update is not required for use with Visual COBOL but you can install it if you wish.